Warten II Dokumente 2019

I started Dokumente in February 2019 as the second part for the exhibition. During my transition I piled up a lot of documents which were required for my transition. In total 74 pages, that so-called experts write about me. The language is medical and talks either about facts in my life or very personal topics. For each page I chose one or two sentences and placed them on the page, where they were in the original document. I changed the font for all the sentences to a coherent font. The font I chose, is similar to Times New Roman, as this is a font in which many of those documents were written in and for me this is as well a very bureaucratic font. Though the font I chose, “Thorndale”, is in some ways a little softer. This is to put emphasis on the borderline of bureaucracy and a very personal topic. I bound all of these pages together into a book, the cover is completely white. Around the book I created an installation referencing a waiting room situation.

Download exerpt (german)

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