Utö 2021 - 2022

Utö is a work which has been photographed on the island Utö, the most southern inhabited point of Finland. Around 40 people live year around on Utö. The island has a history of fishing, war, piloting, military bases and tourism.

For three weeks I lived on the island during an artist residency. In that time, I photographed the island with a 4x5 camera, and black and white film. A research within my works is the relationship between nature and humans, and why humans separate themselves so heavily from what we call nature. The photographs explore the aesthetic between the natural and human build.

The films have been developed on the island with chemicals that have been prepared with the salt water surrounding the island. The aim was to create another layer within documentary photography, the salt water imprints the island in different ways on the negative. For exhibitions the photographs are enlarged onto handmade papers, which hold remains of the island.

The images to the left are scans from negatives, below is documentation of the analogue work